Elizabeth Ayoola

About Me

Are you a therapist too booked and busy to focus on content creation, optimization, and audience engagement?

If so, you’ve landed on the right website.

Elizabeth Ayoola specializes in providing SEO content writing services for busy therapists to help improve their online visibility. She can help you produce high-quality content so you can focus on what you do best.

Background Story

Elizabeth has always been skilled at using words as a medium to connect with people. However, over the past two years, she found herself gravitating towards creating content pertaining to mental health and wellbeing. As a suicide survivor and Black woman, she felt it was important to create more content that teaches women practical ways to heal and resolve common mental health struggles. That’s when she decided to focus on offering her content service provisions to busy female therapists.

A common issue she found is that most therapists don’t have the time to create content and ensure it’s optimized for the web. Consequently, they either have a site full of content that’s invisible online or an outdated blog with low-quality content.

That said, her services are helping bridge the gap and ensuring therapists have active blogs that reach as many people as possible.


Elizabeth has been a content writer for over 10 years; 5 have been spent focusing on SEO content creation. She understands the fundamentals of keyword research, link building, and on-page optimization as a means of improving visibility and traffic. Some of her accolades include writing SEO content for leading platforms and marketing agencies like:

  • Black Ballad
  • Yahoo
  • Niznik Behavioral Health
  • Page One Power
  • Sanity Marketing


Elizabeth offers therapists the following services:

  • Optimized blog posts
  • Non-optimized posts
  • Newsletter content
  • Infographics
  • Social media visuals
  • Website audit
  • Content audit
  • Content strategy
  • Content upgrades

For packages and prices, please email elizabethaayoola@gmail..com