How My First Psychic Chat Changed My Life

It’s 1:15 a.m. in Florida and my marriage is as shattered as a broken piece of China. I’m not sure whether it’s worth trying to glue the millions of dysfunctional pieces back together. I need the help of an all-seeing and all-knowing higher being and I don’t want to ‘pray about it’ because, well…you know what the bible says about divorce. So, what’s a distressed girl to do? I suddenly have an ‘aha!’ moment and consider seeking answers from the people that use “evil” spirits to see into the future. I consider a psychic chat. 

I was always apprehensive about getting readings or speaking with psychics because I come from an African and Christian home. it’s been hammered into my subconscious that any belief or practice outside of Christianity is damn near an abomination. I would say I prescribed to a similar school of thought—until recently. My views are becoming a lot more agnostic and I have accepted that I will never have ultimate knowledge about God. This makes me more curious to explore other forms of spirituality like African magic and psychic mediums. Is it really the devil’s work or is this another belief that I’ve blindly adopted? 

So, what if people have spiritual gifts and can see into the future? And if they can, why is it seen as a bad thing? If I get a reading from a psychic will I turn into a pumpkin? Or morph into a bunch of grapes? As the courageous butterfly warrior princess I am, I had to find out. 

What is a Psychic?

Can anybody guess the difference between a medium and a psychic? A medium and a palm reader? Yeah, my bet was as good as yours. After wandering around Google, I found there are subtle nuances between each. I’ve outlined them below….you’re welcome. 

Psychic: Uses their intuition and your energy/vibrations to access information about your past, present, or future. 

Palm Readers: Rooted in Indian and Chinese astrology, this practice uses your palm to analyze your future. in the below graph, you can see this seems to be the most popular.

Tarot Reader: Use tarot cards to give you guidance, tell your fortune, and give insight into your highest self. Does anybody remember growing up seeing the iconic Ms. Cleo in between episodes of Moesha? The different color head wraps, tarot cards, pseudo-Jamaican accent and iconic “call me now” line left an indelible mark on my childhood. I guess no matter how much of the future we can predict, death is inevitable, hey. 

Mediums: Use psychic abilities to connect with the spirits of the deceased. They can also do what psychics do in terms of using psychic abilities to see your past, present, and future. 

Graph Taken From Daily Mail

In summary, it seems they all promise to help you accomplish similar things but use different methods to do it. I went with a psychic chat because it was the most accessible I suppose. I didn’t have to travel anywhere, could pay with my credit card and conceal my identity. Kinda

What’s Research Saying?

In typical writer fashion, I dug a little deeper and did research. Before having my psychic chat, I wanted to find out as much as possible about the industry and attitudes and values towards psychics in general. Is it some clandestine industry or does everyone and their mom use psychics? Here are a few interesting statistics I found.

·      62 percent of Americans believe in at least one of four spiritual concepts identified as “New Age” (like reincarnation and astrology) and 41 percent believe in psychics

·      “psychic services” industry reached over $2 billion in revenue in 2018 from activities like readings and public talks

·       Only 22% of US adults have ever used a psychic or medium

·      34% of people believe they’ve had a psychic episode i.e. accurately predicting the future

·      40% of women have psychic occurrences compared to 29% of men (It’s our intuition baby)

I think these statistics affirm just how eager people are to make sense of their lives and bring the puzzle pieces together. The thought of living in the present and leaving tomorrow to take care of itself seems unbearable for many––myself included. 

Here’s the thing; I think we all have psychic abilities or inbuilt intuition. As a psychic medium, Laura Lynee Jackson tells us in an interview with the New York Times,

Intuition is magical, but it’s not reserved for a couple of people.” 

We’re all capable of learning to listen to our inner voice or spirit. The question is, how? Since most of us are too lazy and impatient to figure it out, we’d rather pay a psychic to do all the legwork. Not particularly a bad thing I guess. No different from paying someone to clean your house despite being able to do it yourself. Shit analogy. I know. 

My Psychic Chat Experience 

Now that I’ve given a little context, I can dive into my experience. I was apprehensive about having a psychic chat, but I did it afraid. I popped “online psychic chat” into Google and then tons of results came back. How was a girl to choose which service to use?  I used a combination of reviews and first impressions to narrow down my choice. 

While scrolling through different profiles, I found it interesting the things we as humans use to judge someone’s trustworthiness/credibility online. We all have inherent biases that determine the type of people we engage with and the ones we avoid like plague. I avoided anyone who looked like a native witch and gravitated more towards women who looked en vogue and semi-professional.

I looked at things like their smile, what kind of clothing they wore, and of course, their rating. It also shocked me to see a few black psychics. Goes to show the erroneous stereotypes we all sometimes have. I assume all black people are Christian and think psychics are doing the devil’s work. 

After a few minutes of scrolling, boom! I’ve got a strategy. If they don’t tell me something I don’t already know within the first minute, I’m ending the chat and trying someone different. And none of that general shit about good fortune that I can find on a horoscope site, thanks. This is a perfect strategy as I notice most sites offer first-time users a free reading or free minutes.

I wasn’t able to strike gold until I spoke with the third psychic who I found on Kassamba. She has a nice smile and looks like the neighbor that would borrow you sugar if you asked. After she gave me warm cyber greetings and asked for my date of birth, she asked what she can do for me. I wanted to ask her if she had a time machine or restart button on life but wanted to be realistic. By the end of the psychic chat, I was hoping my ambivalence would disappear and I’d have more clarity regarding what decisions to make next regarding my marriage.

During the psychic chat, she began telling me about the very things I was struggling with. My inability to set boundaries, the core issues in my marriage, and how not putting myself first was creating an internal conflict. And this was based on me telling her nothing at all. To say it shocked me would be an understatement. The accuracy of the reading was too much for it to be a coincidence. Despite her knowing things about my life that a stranger may not have known, she didn’t tell me anything that my subconscious wasn’t already telling me. After all, psychics read your energy, right? 

In retrospect, I realize that speaking to a psychic was such a pressing need at the time because I didn’t trust my mind. My self-esteem was so shattered that I didn’t think I could make informed decisions that were best for me. Or perhaps I knew but just wanted someone else to confirm and tell me what the consequences of my choices would be. The reality is that the inner-conflict was mine to resolve, so a million readings wouldn’t resolve it. 

I had to accept that throughout the course of my life, I will make both good and bad decisions and there is no avoiding it. The best thing I can do for myself is develop my ability to listen to my inner voice and tap into the psychic in me. 

Whenever I’m itching to see into the future and pay for another psychic chat, I remind myself that I am the best predictor of my future. 

The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln

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