Here’s A Love Letter Every Girl Should Write

Sometimes we creatives can be off the rails and undisciplined. At times, I feel like an unruly and impulsive firecracker. This week alone, I have told myself that I want to go and see spring in Japan as well as dance in a field of sunflowers almost the same size as me. But how is a broke creative to fund these excursions?

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Love on a Canvas all week. This means I’ve had to conjure up sentimental poems for special occasions. While doing some research for one particular poem I came across this AMAZING article On Buzfeed which has changed the focus of my bohemian hustle. So basically, in order to find out the average time it takes great people to do great things, some guy named Hayes mapped out the timeline of 76 composers’ careers and the great Mozart was among them. He found that virtually every single “masterwork” was written after year ten of the composer’s career. I started writing at 17 and I’m now 27 so that means I will write my best work now-ish!?? *Swoons*

Another interesting thing Hayes mentioned was Kobe Bryant’s discipline and how it made him as successful as he is today. He said Bryant’s goal at every practice was to make 800 shots and practice doesn’t end for him until he does. It got me thinking about what my daily and deliberate goals are. What is my daily target to ensure I’m the best at what I do? While looking for inspiration for one of my Valentine’s day orders, a friend sent me the link to a post of a girl who seemed to be writing a love letter to her undiscovered love. By the end of it, I had love hearts in my eyes and was tripping over my feet looking for my scratched up Love and Basketball DVD. It’s safe to say I found all of the inspiration I needed and thought I would also write a letter to my undiscovered love ….

“I almost didn’t write this. I thought it might be ridiculous and even more so cheesy to write to you. I know nothing about you. I haven’t yet memorized your scent. I haven’t yet been completely mezmerized by your ability to capture something as powerful as the sun and put it in my sky just so that it can shine for me. 

I think about you from time to time. About how you’ll stare at me when I’m eating and a trail of crumbs fall from my mouth to my lap. I eat like a child. Or how you’ll look at me in amazement or dismay when I laugh in public and almost put all of the elderly people into cardiac arrest. I think about how long you’ll wait for me to express how I feel when we’re having a heart to heart and I’m frantically trying to pull the words from my heart only to stutter often… I’m not good at verbally expressing how I feel.

I imagine the look on your face when you watch me perform. I think about you reading and critiquing my work while I’m curled up in your lap loudly chewing skittles and trying to throw some into your mouth but instead, watching them fall into your shirt. I have terrible aim. 

I think about listening to all of your dreams and safely placing them in the treasure box in my heart as though they’re mine, because they are indeed mine. I imagine kissing your forehead when you’re lost in thought, licking your eyeballs when you’re tired and bringing you your favorite food when you’re having a bad day. Like me, food makes you happy I think? I’ve licked quite a few eyeballs. 

I imagine us fighting over… I’m not sure what we will fight over but because you’re my best friend and I have something really funny to tell you I imagine playing with you until we both laugh. I then imagine us having makeup sex as hot and intense as a volcanic eruption.  I imagine kissing you in hopes of feeling all that you are with each exchange. Touching, gripping, embracing, holding as often as possible so that we have enough memories to hold onto while we’re apart. Intimacy and love are enchantment and magic experienced in the body and soul. 

Some days you will understand my abstract. And you will understand my intense need to feel the world spinning in my heart. You will understand my need to empower, and my deep need to be lost in art, intellect, and passion. When I am finally lost in a creative trance, you will come and find me and you’ll sit with me and help me paint the hearts of humanity with all of the new colours I’ve created. Some days you won’t understand my impulsive behavior, but you’ll love and advise me anyway. 

I imagine I’ll resist loving you at first because I believe most fairytales have tragic endings. But I believe your love and consistency will make me brave enough to love freely and fearlessly. Because you will love me that way.  I will know it’s you because one day I will be sad when the monsters in my closet come out and I struggle to put them back in and I will cry. I don’t cry in front of anyone. But I will cry, you’ll watch my tears fall, and I won’t feel defeated. Because you’ll take all of the vulnerability and turn it into love. 

I will watch you and understand why I had to kiss so many frogs before I kissed you. I will bask in your oceans of knowledge, listen to you, serve you, challenge you, and follow your lead when i’m unsure of which way to go because you’re a leader. I will place your crown on your head at the breaking of each day, and I’ll do it with an overflow of love and respect. 

I imagine you planting seeds in my desolate lands. I imagine you toiling day and night and pushing me day and night to water the seeds in hopes of turning all of my pain into roaring dandelions and thornless roses. 

I can promise you a lifetime of laughter, impulsive trips to Neverland, to walk with you on lonely paths leading to your dreams, forgiveness in the darkest moments and love that illuminates our world.  Until then my love….I’ll be waiting with flowers in my hair and art brewing at the core of my heart.”

Writing this was liberating and also gave me more clarity about what I want in a partner and it’s something I think every girl should write!

I still am not too sure what this whole love thing is about. Nonethelss, as a poet and sometimes hopeless romantic, I do believe that although rare, it does exist all the same.

Chocolate kisses and bohemian loving! xoxo